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REM Sleep Behavior Disorder


For close to 95% of people, dreaming is just a simple activity of the brain which happen during the sleep and they are over with it as soon as they wake up. This occurs when body is at rest and the brain is working. For people who have REM behavior disorder (RBD) are different. They tend to take the dreams into real actions and they act out their dreams.

They start participating in their dreams by physically moving limbs or sometimes getting up and engaging them in some activities like walking, squatting, running, etc. They tend to talk while sleeping, screaming, hitting, etc. RBD is most of the time harmless, but when it poses a danger to the person who is suffering as well the bed partners, it can become a big problem. Self injury or injury to the partner is the ill effects of this disorder.

Rapid eye movement Sleep Disorder is often call dream-enacting behavior due to obvious reasons. The most usual time for dreaming during the whole sleeping episode is the second half of the night.

During the REM sleep the electrical activity of our brain, looks somewhat similar to the electrical activity which occurs in our brain when we are walking. Brain neurons are working more than they do while we are walking.

Treatment options for REM Sleep Disorders

Clonazepam, which is a Benzodiazepine, can remove the disorder with 90% success rate. This drug is very effective and people do not develop tolerance to this drug even after years of usage. Although you have these drugs working for you, it is better to remove all the sharp objects and breakable objects from the bedroom.

Physical safeguards such as floor padding near the bed, barriers on the bed sides, no furniture near the bed, window protectors, can also help in reducing the risk of REM Sleep Disorder suffering person from getting hurt or making someone else hurt.

Melatonin dietary supplement can help you wade the symptoms away for you. It has very less side effects and often very effective. The only side effect is the presence of some amount of grogginess in the next morning.

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