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Sleep terrors are due to the involvement of the person sleeping into the dreams they are seeing. The Sleep Terrors can be defined as the brief episodes of screaming, intense fear and shivering while still asleep. The sleep terrors are also known as night terrors since we all sleep soundly and see dreams in the night only. This episode is often associated with sleepwalking and both occur many a times together.

It is common in children, but it is often seen in adults as well. A typical sleep terror episode can last for few seconds to few minutes. In exceptional cases, they may last a lot longer as well. The good news is that sleep terrors, if present in children, can fade away as the child reaches teenage years. The occurrence is also rare with very small percentage of children suffering from night terrors.

If the sleep terror issue is causing security risk for the child or adult and it is causing excess sleep troubles, it need to be taken up with the sleep expert for cure and treatment.

A person or child suffering from night terrors is often inconsolable. The reaction of night terror is different in individuals but all of them seem to be confused, non responsive, inconsolable and often forgets about the episode the next morning. They tend to be dangerous as well since they cannot recognize the person in front and can become hostile as well.

Treatment options for Night Terrors

Most of the issue related to night terror does not need treatment in children. It will go away as the child grows. But in some rare cases, they are still present and need special treatments like psychotherapy or counselling. There are certain drugs like benzodiazepine medications - diazepam or tricyclic antidepressants which can help during night terrors. But remember, medication is not recommended until the case is very serious. All others do not need treatment or intervention for this illness.

Warning signs for Sleep Terror

  1. If the occurrence is very often, call a sleep expert.
  2. Regular sleep disruptions.
  3. Any injury caused by night terror needs attention.

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