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The master circadian clock in our brain checks the rhythm for us about sleeping, waking, walking, energy level, etc. The scientists have found a way to control this and achieve some predefined outcome of the patterns. Although there are lot of people who work in shifts and travellers often lack sleep schedules and compromise with sleeping patterns.

Benefits of good sleep over the Brain and Body

  1. Good sleeping has many health benefits. This includes, but not limited to normalizing heart function, maintaining hormonal balance, damaged cell repair, boosts memory, improves cognitive function.
  2. Remember sleep deprivation is not a badge of pride/honour. The attitude of working late and stretching yourself beyond limits has been creeping inside the working population – so much so that, people have started taking it very seriously and they are always sleep deprived. This is a situation which causes deep impact on long term health of the mind and body.
  3. The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) is a small region within the hypothalamus, a section of the brain that controls hormone production. The SCN maintains the daily 24-hour cycle of the activeness wakefulness and sleep. The hormones are also regulated by this part of the brain. The light and temperature also affects the SCN activities.
  4. The circadian rhythm mandates the desire of sleep strongest from midnight to early morning. The afternoon nap also is very dominant in many people with very few study subjects able to stay awake during the peak 2 PM to 3 PM time.

According to the researchers, REM sleep enhances the learning and memory experiences of brain. The ability of people to learn and grasp new things increased after a long good night’s sleep. If this sleep is intermittent and broken constantly, the improvements vanish and the decrease in learning capacity is visualized. So cramming all night before the exam is not going to help anyone. Instead take some sleep and rely in preparations in advance.

Maintain the right sleep hygiene and ensure it is kept up to date like your daily hygiene – doing brush, bathing, etc.

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