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Six Tips to Design the Ideal Bedroom for Sleep


What is the place in your house where you spend most of your time indoors? Is it living room, bathroom, bedroom or study? Yes, you guessed it right, it is bedroom – the place you sleep and take rest. It is the serene place in your house which gives you most of the comfort and relaxation. So you should be spending a lot of focus on this area.

You are sleeping, renewing your mind and body, repairing, healing and growing in your bedroom. It should be free from any kind of pollution or disturbances – whether noise, aroma, etc. So, all what you need from your bedroom is conducive environment for physical, mental, and complete wellbeing.

Best tips for Ideal Bedroom Design

  1. The floor and wall form the most critical aspects of any/every room. So, bedroom is no exception from it. The wall and floor should contribute towards healthy indoor air and it should control potential allergens as well.
  2. Do not use the carpets at home since they contain lots of allergens such as dirt, dust mites, dander and more. Healthy flooring can improve the home friendliness greatly.
  3. Control and select the eco friendly lightening, for you bedroom.
  4. Think about procuring energy certificates for all the appliances you have in the bedroom.
  5.  Ensure that the windows you fit are Energy Star-certified.
  6. Put easily coverable night blinds and curtains for stopping the light come inside the bedroom.

Few more tips good night sleep bedroom tips

The devices at home can also cause radiations which can be harmful as well. These radiations affect the circadian rhythm. The bedroom is recommended not to have cable or satellite TV connection.

Lastly, keep up the check on the Bedroom storage.

Put Away or tuck the mirrors inside the closet. Mirrors are the activators of light and they bring bright light and display the activities going on in an area. Although they are good for the dead corners of the house, they are not good inside the bedroom.

Glow of the clock can glow very acutely in the night. Opt for a alarm clock which can be dimmed. Even the tick of the clock is audible in the night so, you need to keep the clock away from the bed.

Keep your bedroom as clean and neat as possible. A neat and clean place is more conducive and helpful for goodnight sleep.

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