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Too little sleep, Get 45 tips


There are many people who have difficulty getting the right amount of sleep every night. They just remain sleep deprived for months together. They have a lifelong disability and difficulty in remaining asleep, whatever circumstances they are in.

These people have sensitivity towards environmental disturbances which causes arousal and frequent sleep patterns. This list of tips will help you overcome the chronic issue of too little sleep. Follow them to relieve from the constant sleep deprivation.

  1. Use alternate medication for enhancing sleeping
  2. Never go for stimulants as a sleep replacement in the night
  3. Are you a night owl? Ask yourself this candid question.
  4. Find out if you are the miraculous one who need too little sleep
  5. Avoid stimulating medicines before bed
  6. Avoid having a dry nose.
  7. Don’t assume that you have lost the battle with sleep. It’s never too late to quit.
  8. Do not spend more time on bed
  9. You can try mild sleeping aids
  10. Avoid spicy foods
  11. Get a check up done for diabetes
  12. Have a time specified for cuddling as well
  13. Resolve thermal incompatibility
  14. Check for bacterial infection and parasites
  15. Get enough sleep before you drive
  16. Know the signs of drowsy driving
  17. Get a room
  18. You can invest in a good humidifier
  19. Visit your doctor if you have night sweats
  20. Wear light coloured clothing to bed
  21. Use a fan
  22. Establish compatible sleep routines
  23. Separate bed do not mean bad relationships
  24. Check on the jet lag
  25. Set the right temperature in the room
  26. Opt for a darker room with adjustable blinds
  27. Know what are bedbugs and how to identify them
  28. For sleeping, choose a darker and quieter environment.
  29. Reduce your pain before you go to bed. Opt for some pain killers.
  30. Late at night, you should be sleeping not driving
  31. Make sure, your kid gets enough sleep before handing the keys over
  32. Check on your parents while they drive if  they have sleep issues
  33. If you are driving bus, truck, train, people depend on you for safety. Stay focussed
  34. If you work in 24*7 company, sleep when you get home, not while you are driving
  35. Close windows during allergy prone seasons
  36. Limit use of OTC nasal sprays
  37. Opt for Prescription based nasal sprays
  38. Get rid of dust mites
  39. Get rid of the feather pillow
  40. Invest in air filter
  41. Get adjusted to the destination time zone as soon as possible
  42. Se medication for sleeping while travelling, especially to a different time zone
  43. Do not sleep continuously on a long flight
  44. Go for a bulkhead seat
  45. Opt for a quiet hotel room

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