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Sleep advice for people on Prescription Medication


There are many medications which affect the sleep by cutting it short, changing the course of sleep, prolonging its duration, unexpected sleep, etc. Medication helps you in getting back to your full functioning mode. Now with the advent of technology, there are different medication options available for different disorders which has different course of side effects and treatment. Discuss them with your physician. They can change your medication for a particular disorder if you are experiencing troubled sleep.

  • Ask your doctor to adjust dosage to reduce impact on sleep
  • Ask your physician about non-sedating antihistamines
  • Take your diuretics earlier in the day
  • If you are on Diuretics and have leg cramps, check for blood electrolytes
  • Antidepressants have severe impact on sleep. Check with your psychiatrist
  • Check depression medication if you have Chronic Insomnia
  • Check Asthma medication if you have sleeping issues
  • Take care while using Benzodiazepines
  • Try different other medications if your beta blocker makes you sleepy or make you insomniac
  • Be careful about cold medication
  • Take a sleeping pill during difficult times
  • If Arthritis keeps you up, ask for an anti-inflammatory medication.

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