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Sleeping Disorder Types - find various types of sleeping disorder

Sleeping Disorder or Dyssomnias relate to:

  • Difficulty in falling asleep
  • Difficulty in maintaining sleep
  • Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Sleeping Disorders may arise from causes within the body or from external environment. In today's busy and stressful world sleep is often the ultimate panacea. Without an adequate amount of it, one's health can deteriorate.

Various Sleeping Disorder Types:

Behavioral Sleeping Disorder:

  • Sleep onset association disorder - children grow used to certain conditions to fall asleep. The absence of these lead to frequent arousals or prolonged awakenings.

  • Adjustment sleeping disorder- inability to fall asleep. May follow stress, anxiety. Gradual extinction by scheduled checks, desensitizing fears and Parental education about the problem.

Sleeping Disorder due to medical conditions such as:

Allergies, asthma, medication, antibiotics, antiepileptics, anti histaminics, etc. Acute illness, excessive nocturnal fluids, family dynamics.

Circadian Rhythm Disorder:

  • Transient-jet lag

  • Persistent-night owl

  • Sleep onset and offset delayed but regular.

  • Difficulty in awakening.

Sleep apnea, is a serious, debilitating, and potentially life threatening sleeping disorder. It consists of brief but numerous involuntary breathing pauses during sleep and occurs when air cannot flow into or out of person's nose or mouth, although efforts to breathe continue.

Studies suggest that about half a million children between the ages of two and eight might be affected.

The amount of sleep a person gets also strongly influences the symptoms of mental disorders. Sleep deprivation is an effective therapy for people with certain types of depression, while it can actually cause depression in other people.

Callcentre professionals and others who light the midnight lamp can ensure their quota of sleep by sleeping during the day. If a continuous sleep is not possible, then try for short spurts of two-three hour sleeps.

So, good night and sleep tight. No matter how and when you sleep, do sleep.

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