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Upper airway resistance syndrome


UARS or "Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome" is a type of sleep disorder which affects the quality of sleep. This occurs when the snoring and resistance through the airway in our throat is large enough to disrupt the quality of our sleep. The disruption is often till the point where it needs clinical attention. It may lead of insomnia and the person always has non-refreshing sleep and becomes lethargic during the day. Since the arousals in the sleep are very brief, the person suffering does not know about the condition and this often go unnoticed. The person even does not know that he is snoring of the bed partner does not inform or complain.

There are cases where the presence of UARS is no marked by snored or precisely audible snores. Some patients only have enhanced efforts need for respiration which is worse while inhaling as compared to exhaling. This is because of the anatomical limitations of the airways. The individual who has silent UARS often complain of other issues and symptoms such as dry mouth upon awakening, morning headaches, etc.

Statistics and prevalence of UARS

Sleep apnea is more common in men, but UARS is equally likely to be present in both men and women. These people are also in normal weight range as compared to people with apnea, who are overweight. UARS has people suffering from chronic insomnia with frequent awakenings. The sleeping back is too much of effort and person generally remains awake whole night in this case.

Treatment options for UARS

The nasal dilator called Nozovent is very beneficial and popular for UARS instant relied. All type of nasal resistance and snores can be controlled by the use of this simple device which is worn inside the nose.
Then there are nose strips called "Breathe Right". Another drug option is the nasal spray called "Sinusitis Nose Spray" which combines itraconazole (Sporanox), xylitol, mupirocin (Bactroban), and dexamethasone . It can control nasal congestion and sinusitis both together.

Another backup option to get good cure of this illness is to use/consider CPAP or oral appliance. It is the most effective treatment. Other treatment approach includes - behavioural approaches.

Then there are other alternative treatments like surgery, positional therapy and weight which can help control the disorderly breathing in UARS.

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