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42 Tips Everyone Should Know to Get a Better Night


Sleeping has been a very troublesome experience for many. They are haunted by nightmares, cannot sleep enough in the night, the work stress and pressure at home is very overpowering on the sleep, etc. This sleep related issues are best sorted out for following some of the regular routine and structure related tips. Here are the tips for everyone who is suffering from some or the other sort of sleep issues. Try to follow them and make your life complete with right sleep not deprived sleep.

  1. Move away the clocks in your bedroom. Place the alarm as well away from your reach or eyes.
  2. Remind yourself and your family about the time zones.
  3. Invest in some good quality mattress for quality sleep
  4. Get out of bed if you can’t sleep
  5. Take  a warm bath
  6. Wind down at the end of the day
  7. Exercise regularly
  8. Get a medical check up
  9. Exercise no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime
  10. Let nature prepare you the rest
  11. Do not consume alcohol before bedtime
  12. Always aim for a regular schedule
  13. Get about 8 hours of sleep everyday
  14. Have your own bedtime preparation time
  15. Do not against your own circadian rhythm; follow it.
  16. Opt for 30 min nap in the afternoon
  17. Avoid a late-afternoon nap if you have insomnia
  18. Don’t brood about having a bad night
  19. Associate your bedroom with only 2 things
  20. Do not consume caffeine before bedtime 
  21. Just put your gadgets aside during your bedtime or sleep time
  22. Block the stimuli you might have hindering your sleep
  23. Change the stimuli with something soothing and relaxing like soothing music
  24. Create soothing surroundings while away from home also
  25. Pay your sleep debts
  26. Do not consume tobacco before bedtime
  27. Drink the warm and healthy herbal tea
  28. Do not watch television or play games in bed
  29. Do not burden yourself with sleep expectation. Do not follow the line - if I do not sleep for 9 hours, I will not be able to function properly.
  30. Do not just take any homeopathic medicine without consultation and proper check.
  31. Do not feast right before the bedtime.
  32. Start your sleep in a chair, if you had a big meal
  33. If you feel hungry, eat a light snack before bed
  34. Complete the next day preparations before going to bed. Do not delay the sleep too much because of preparations.
  35. Move the laptop and computer away. Keep the work away
  36. If you wish, you can select light bedtime reading. Only books. No kindle or tablet.
  37. Make a list of things which can help you sleep
  38. Calm yourself from emotionally overwhelming feelings before going to bed
  39. Take the cough drops during daytime only
  40. Empty your mind from the sleep disruptive thoughts.
  41. Focus on something simple and inconsequential. Stay your mind away from wandering thoughts. Just keep it simple.
  42. Have a separate space for your pet. Do not share your bed.
  43. Stress Management tips can help you revive the sleep

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