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There are many homes where wet and soggy bed sheet and pyjamas is a scene of everyday morning. You have an embarrassed child who is scared as well about something went terribly wrong. Do not panic and let you child feel ashamed about this. This is very common issue which is part of the normal child development and growth.

There are medical names for Bed-wetting and it is known as night time incontinence or nocturnal enuresis. The issue of bedwetting is very common and not a matter of concern for kids below 7 years of age where the kids are still developing sleep time bladder control.

What are the primary causes of Bed-wetting?

There are many combination of causes because of which bedwetting can be present in children. Some of them are as below:

  1. Your child could not control the urine and cannot hold it for entire night.
  2. A full bladder cannot make the child wake up for urine.
  3. Poor daytime urine habits can also cause the child to do bedwetting in the night.
  4. The bedwetting is present in twice as many boys as compared to girls. Family history of bedwetting is also one of the reasons of children suffering from this illness.
  5. Children with ADHD also have bedwetting issues.

Some tips to make kids ease on Bedwetting

  • Have a tab on the amount of liquids the child drinks in the evening. Although it is important to take enough liquids, encourage the child to take these liquids during other times of the day and restrict usage at evening time. He or she may drink during mornings and afternoons. There are other care options like bladder training, medication, etc. which can help cure bedwetting issues.
  • Do not consume beverages and coffee which can cause bladder stimulation.
  • Encourage your child to urinate just before bedtime and just before sleeping as well. Keep the room lit up slightly since small children are scared to go to the toilet from their bed in the darkness.
  • Provide full support and comfort to the child since bedwetting will go away on its own. You need to reassure your child that bedwetting is a normal process of growth and it will go away.
  • DDAVP is a drug available for the treatment of bedwetting in children.

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