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Maintaining healthy sleep routine and sleep hygiene is very important – same as maintaining healthy body hygiene. So the first question arises, how can we ensure sleep hygiene? Do we need to take some expert help in setting the right sleep hygiene or is it something which we can do at our home on our own?
The answer is No. We have been maintaining the healthy sleep hygiene since long time and we sometimes forget this small simple concept of life which can cause troubles. So we just need to refresh the thing.

Due to the ever increasing pace of life for each and everyone – whether adult, teenager, old age, child, etc, - the compromises we are doing with our life and quality of sleep is also increasing. We are missing on breakfast, lunch, bathing, cleaning, regular massaging, family time, etc. Nowadays we have to plan for almost all the thing however subtle and sombre they are.

Same is the situation with sleep and regular sleep as well. So this is what sleep hygiene all about – on how to maintain a healthy sleep routine and take care of our body and mind. Some of the common tips which can help you in getting the right quality of sleep are as follows:

  1. Follow a regular bedtime routine. Do not opt for a noisy or activity filled bedtime routine. Opt for light reading, story book or soft music. This can help you wind down and sleep.
  2. Reduce the activities before bedtime. No more games, internet, TV in the night before the bedtime. You need to move sleep up the list of priorities to ensure you get proper sleep.
  3. Move away from technology and nab the use of computers, mobiles, tablets, TV, etc. before bedtime. These things should be turned off at least 1 hour before sleeping time.
  4. Select a relaxing bedtime routine like a hot glass of milk or a bath with hot water, etc.
  5. No loud music, homework at least an hour before bedtime.
  6. Keep the room dark, so that the sleep can be burden free.
  7. Follow the same bedtime routine for at least four weeks in order to make it a habit.
  8. Avoid staying up late on the weekends.
  9. Fulfil your sleep backlog over the weekend by sleeping extra if you are anywhere sleep deprived during the weekdays.

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