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SIDS – How to keep safe from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


SIDS which stands for Sudden infant death syndrome is self explanatory term which is a leading cause of death in US babies from who are in the age group of 1 month to 1 year.

To begin with SIDS is not a disease which can be cured or needs treatment. It is just the diagnosis which is given to a situation when a child who is under 1 year of age dies suddenly without any complication or natural phenomenon. The exact cause of the death cannot be determined and attributed to autopsy, medical history, complication, etc. The sudden and instant death of child can be very devastating for the families and they keep on blaming the doctors for incorrect diagnosis of the situation and medical history of the child.

Lot of experts have very different reasoning of the causes of SIDS. Some say that SIDS happens because of some underlying illness such as abnormal heart, breathing, or external change, etc. The child is into some critical circumstances in their sleep or nap which causes them to die instantly.

The SIDS occurrence in US went down 50% since 1994 because of the education campaign by NICH which suggested people on not letting the child sleep in positions other than on their back during the first year. If the child sleeps on their tummy, the risks of SIDS are increased 2 to 13 times.

How to stop SIDS from happening?

  1. Do not overheat your baby – Do not overheat the baby by making him wear more layers of clothing. See what you are wearing and make the baby wear one more layer than yourself. Remember, not more than one layer more than you. Check for symptoms of sweat and damp hair.
  2. Do not cover the head or face of the baby with cap or hat, while he is sleeping.
  3. Check with your gynaecologist for all the prenatal precautions to ensure proper baby growth and birth weight. Take all the recommended steps and diet.
  4. Make the baby sleep on his or her back. Educate all the people in the house and all the caretakers to ensure that the baby always sleeps on his back and no other position.

Do not worry about the choking of baby if he is sleeping on his back. It is very rare and baby can deal with it by themselves by vomiting or coughing. If you’re worried your baby might choke while sleeping on his back, don't be.

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