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15 Sleep Tips for parents with kids


If you have kids or you are going to be parents, there are chances that you are worried about your own sleep or your children’s sleep. There is a high expectation from the current parent with the limited help available and high work pressures. So the most common issue is that of finding time to sleep and let kids sleep. Follow the tips below to get your child’s sleep issues sorted along with helping yourself out of the sleeping issues too.

There are different reasons which can make your kids sleep deprived or excessive sleepers. Check for both extremes and opt for the right solution.

  1. Create an alert system for the sleepwalker
  2. Inform the babysitter about the sleeping routine of the kids
  3. Set limits for everything
  4. Check the possibility of bedwetting – check if it ran in families
  5. Establish familiarity in your kids bedroom
  6. Keep the environmental factors as consistent as possible in your kids bedroom
  7. Consider downsides of co-sleeping with your kids
  8. Don’t skip the naps
  9. Sleep issues with excessive eating can be a sign of Prader-Willi Syndrome. Check for the same with your doctor
  10. Solve your child sleep problems with the help of naps
  11. Do not overreact to sleepwalking. It is common as well
  12. Check for all kids in the house if you have one of the kid sleepwalking
  13. Observe your children for night terrors, but do not wake them up
  14. Check for enlarged tonsils for your snoring child
  15. Develop a sleep routine for your kids
  16. Stick to a set routine everyday and every night

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