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Neutral spine


Neutral spine is the name given to the natural position of human body spine. Overall it can be defind as the condition when all the three curves of the spine which includes cervical (neck), thoracic (middle) and lumbar (lower) are present in very good alignment. This position is known to be the strongest position of spine while we are standing or sitting. It is very crucial to know about the Neutral spine for many people because of the effective standing and sitting position and back pain free life.

Neutral posture is also defined by the dictionaries as the position where the joints are not bent and the spine is aligned and not twisted at all.

Do you know someone who has hurt his or her back while doing mundane daily tasks like picking up the newspaper, getting up the chair, or while doing something very little at home? If you or someone else has suffered with this, you need to learn this art to get yourself back to the standing best.

You can learn and practice some posture skills. Although these postures may seem very simple, they are quite helpful in helping with all posture related defects. You also are not required to practice them explicitly. They can be done very easily.

Three natural curves in a Healthy Spine

  1. The neck or cervical spine, the shape of this curve is gently inward. This is also known as lordosis
  2. Second position is the thoracic spine in which the normal position is curved outside. This is also known as kyphosis
  3. The lower back or lumbar spine which has best position as curved inward – also known as lordosis.

Benefits of maintaining a Neutral Spine

It is very necessary to get the proper alignment of all the above mentioned curves. This helps the cushioning of spine from exertion, stress or strain. It further helps in stabilizing the spine durin the strenuous activities like lifting, walking, swimming, sitting, etc.

Posture assessment has also become quite important in many outdoor environments like the personal training and sports practice environments.

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