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The concept of Power nap was started in the early eighties and became quite popular then. Power nap as per sleep experts is a powerful tool to make you restore your lost energy and concentration at very minimal time duration.

According to many researchers and scientists who have conducted studies on the power of poer nap have postulated that “Power naps are better than coffee”. Taking a nap of 20 minutes is far better than taking a high dose of caffeine to stay you awake and focused.

Although it is good for your energy restoration, it should not replace the good night sleep which should last for 7-8 hours uninterrupted.

Benefits of Power Nap

According to the sleep experts in America, if you take a regular Power Nap in the afternoon, you are bound to get the below mentioned benefits:

  1. It is a lifesaving habit.
  2. It can improve health
  3. It can better the sex life
  4. It can even slim your waist
  5. It can boost work performance and make you alert always

The power nap is like you are resetting your whole system and there is a strong burst of alertness and motor performance which you get. Although you are sleep deprived or not, the need of power nap is there and there are many situations which demands power nap for energy boost and ward off sleepiness.

Importance and types of Power Nap

The length of power nap and the quality of sleep you get determines how much energy boost you will get from your power nap schedule. It needs to be practiced and mastered in order to get the best out of it. Learning classes of skills like piano and typing needs a power nap schedule for making best out of the lessons.

If you nap for longer duration, it is still better according to the researchers. It increases the memory and enhances creativity. Napping for 30 to 60 minutes can give you excellent decision-making skills, and help you in memorizing and recalling directions.

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