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Causes of Headache and Migraine


Headaches Causes #1 - Infections

Cold and flu viruses release toxins which irritate tissues and stimulate pain receptors. This is felt as a headache and aching limbs. Many other febrile infections have the same effect.
.Meningitis. Some bacteria and viruses can invade the meninges and cause irritation which causes a severe headache. This generally has a sudden onset, accompanied by rashes, fever, weakness, confusion and feeling very unwell. This type of headache is not to be treated by herbs - immediate treatment in hospital is required. If there is any doubt in your mind as to the cause of the headache, phone your doctor and describe all the symptoms, saying when they started.

Headaches Causes #2 - High blood pressure

Headaches Causes #3 - Neuritis

Inflammation of the nerves can cause severe pain – called neuralgia - although it is not strictly speaking a headache. The most commonly affected nerve is the trigeminal, affecting eye, ear and jaw.

Headaches Causes #4 - Menopause

Headaches Causes #5 - Tumours

Tumours cause pain by distortion and pressure on surrounding tissues and organs. The pain is generally severe, doesn't go away and steadily gets worse. It is usually accompanied by odd sensations, deficits and disturbances which reflect damage to nerve centers in the brain. You need to seek advice from your doctor if your headache has these features.

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