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Conventional treatment for Migraine

For general headaches a variety of painkillers - also called analgesics - are available over the counter. There are three
main groups according to the main active compound:
. aspirin
. paracetamol
. codeine

Many brand named preparations combine these elements with added caffeine. The recommended doses have been included here so that you can make useful comparisons with herbal compounds later.

Aspirin's chemical name is acetyl salicylic acid. It is taken in 300mg tablets, two at one time.

How it works
Aspirin is thought to inhibit the production of pain transmitters in the brain. It also reduces inflammation and fever by inhibiting the release of prostaglandins which mediate these processes.

Aspirin is highly acidic and rapidly erodes the stomach lining, causing bleeding and ulceration with over-use. High or rapidly repeated doses also irritate the nerves which supply the ear causing tinnitus - whistling noises - which continue as long as aspirin is in the body.

Especially useful nutrients for Migraine Treatment

This group of chemicals includes rutin, quercitin, lutein and hesperidin. Bioflavonoids regulate the elasticity and strength of blood vessel walls. This means they will be more able to withstand changes caused by stress and illness. They are usually found accompanying vitamin C in plants, which is the reason some people say that natural vitamin C is better for you than the synthetic form. Fresh fruit will usually supply daily requirements. Some other foods also contain useful amounts of bioflavonoids.

Vitamin C, chemical name ascorbic acid as migraine treatment

Vitamin C is involved in all energy and repair processes in the body, as well as disease resistance. It is not stored in the body, so you must take some every day. Recommended intake of vitamin C is 30mg in Britain, 60mg in America. British figures are, as explained before, based on the amounts needed to prevent deficiency diseases. American and Canadian figures are higher because of the higher protein intake.

You should cut the vegetables just before using and cook them conservatively - that is using just enough water to cover, boil the kettle first and add to vegetables. Boil until just tender, use the water in gravy. This method conserves the vitamin C, which is lost to heat, air and water. Steaming vegetables is even better, but you will need to add salt at the table. Frozen vegetables retain some of their vitamin content, 'supermarket vegetables may have lost some vitamins in transport. The best vitamin content is obtained by growing your own and picking just before eating.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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