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Causes of Migraine

The causes of migraine are as follows

  • Harmonal changes
  • Changes in wake sleep patern
  • Change in weather
  • Instability of the vascular system
  • Blood vessels on the surface of the brain expand
  • Contracting of the layer of muscle around your skull
  • Chocolate, cheese
  • Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycemia
  • Stress, anxiety
  • Foods containing nitrites and nitrates
  • Lighting such as fluorescent lighting
  • Medications both over-the-counter and prescription.
  • Products containing yeast such as bread and rolls

Acid indigestion as Migraine cause

Mr H, a 48 year old headmaster, had developed chest pains and was burping constantly. He was no longer able to enjoy a glass of wine and took a great number of antacid tablets daily. He passed loose bowel motions frequently and had poor circulation, with moderately high blood pressure and chilblains in the winter. He said his digestion had been poor since leaving university. He also endured migraine attacks at least once a month, with tingling fingers, flaming lights and vomiting. Mr H suffered from insomnia, waking three or four times nightly. He confessed to not enjoying sport and his only exercise was walking the family dog in the evening. Mr H's priority was to relieve his indigestion. His remedy was chosen carefully to reduce muscular tension (evident in the headaches, blood pressure and indigestion), relieve circulatory problems and improve digestion.

The remedy
. Cramp bark - muscle relaxant.
. Chamomile - digestivetonic.
. Feverfew- migraine reliever.
. Liquorice- antacid digestive emollient.

Mr H was also prescribed slippery elm tablets and meadowsweet tea. This combination was very successful. Mr H was completely symptom-free after ten days. He continued to take medicine for three months, in which time he had one migraine. He then reduced his remedies to meadowsweet tea with 1 teaspoon daily of fever few tincture. This continued to protect him from indigestion and migraine.

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