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Some Drugs for relieving Classic migraine

Clonidine, methysergide and sodium vaporate are used mainly under hospital supervision, because of their serious side-effects. They are used for their vasoconstrictory and sedative effects.

In addition to those directly acting drugs mentioned above, doctors may prescribe contraceptive pills or HRT to effect a change in women's hormone levels. This may alleviate migraines in some women.

Black cohosh Herb for Classic Migraine Treatment

Latin Name Cimicifuga racemosa
Origin North America
Parts Rhizome
Dose 1/2teaspoon per cup
Tincture 2m!, 2-3 times daily
Constituents - Glycosides, bitters, isoflavones, volatile oil, tannins
Primary action Hormonal agent
Secondary actions Anti-spasmodi, Anti-inflammatory, Circulatory tonic
How it works Black cohosh has another American Indian name, 'squaw vine', which suggests its traditional use in female complaints. Its isoflavones bind to oestrogen receptors in the body, so have some. oestrogenic effects, and the same chemicals are anti-spasmodic, helping to relax blood vessels, lower blood pressure and slow pulse rate. These actions also reduce the severity of palpitations. Its bitters help to remove sugars and fats from the bloodstream, which adds to the circulatory tonic effect. Some research has shown that black cohosh has been used successfully in conjunction with drug treatment for breast cancer. It appeared to reduce the severity of hot flushes and reduce the proliferation of breast tissue. This is what herbalists call a balancing "action but it is not not fully understood. It is very likely that' other so-called oestrogenic herbs will have the same anti-cancer effects, but more research into how they interact with drugs is needed before we can recommend them for use during chemotherapy. To be on the safe side, we recommend using herbs after chemotherapy is finished as drugs like tamoxifen still offer the best outcomes for breast cancer sufferers.
Growing guide Tolerates semi-shade and prefers damp soil. Used to be a popular Victorian garden plant. Tall white spires of flowers, 4ft high perennial.

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