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Natural Relief of Migraine


Natural Relief of Migraine

Advantage of herbal medicine is that there are so many different plants with similar actions, but different combinations of constituents. You can change from one to the other to avoid becoming tolerant or developing sensitivities.

For example, there are many anti-inflammatory herbs, each with its own supplementary actions including hormonal, diuretic, anti-spasmodic and relaxing effects. Herbs may act on several different aspects of a condition at the same time, like garlic which provides help for our circulation on several levels.

As an antibiotic it repairs the damage caused by wear and tear on the insides of our blood vessels. As a digestive stimulant it helps the absorption of sugars and fats from the bloodstream. As a circulatory tonic it reduces the stickiness of platelets, dilates the capillaries, causes mild sweating and increases kidney activity, so it helps to protect against strokes and lowers blood pressure slightly.

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