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Analgesics with caffeine

Caffeine is added to analgesic preparations in small doses. For comparison a cup of fresh coffee contains 150mg caffeine.

How medicines works?

Caffine is thought to improve the absorption of the other components, although the mechanism isn't fully understood. It dilates all blood vessels except those in the brain, which it constricts. This may explain the ischaemic pain of direct use and the rebound dilatory pain of withdrawal.

Brand names

. Anadin - aspirin and caffeine
. Anadin Extra - aspirin, paracetamol, caffeine
. Disprin Extra - aspirin and paracetamol
. Hedex Extra - paracetamol and caffeine.

Disadvantages of Migraine and Headache Medication

Caffeine increases the heart rate and causes insomnia. It causes headaches in some individuals and withdrawal may cause headaches in regular consumers.

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