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Migraines, nasal congestion and Pregnancy

Miss H, a 30 year-old teacher, had been suffering from migraines for about four years, occurring in the week before her period or occasionally triggered by bright sunlight. Pain was central or over one eye, accompanied by nausea and a heightened sense of smell. Although regular painkillers didn't work for her, she felt slightly better in a darkened room. Miss H also noticed severe water retention in the week before her period, which was very heavy. Her feet swelled in the heat and she had to have her ears syringed frequently to relieve deafness caused by wax. She used steam inhalers to ameliorate persistent nasal congestion. Miss H smoked 15 to 20 cigarettes daily and ate a very poor diet, consisting of scones and chocolate for breakfast, pasties for lunch and frequently missed evening meals. She drank no tea or coffee.

Discussion of her case history led us to agree that her headaches were caused by hormonal changes, venous congestion and arterial constriction, exacerbated by perennial rhinitis and smoking. She was keen to reduce her smoking habit with a view to giving up. Her diet may also have contributed to circulatory problems because it lacked vitamin C and bioflavonoids, essential nutrients for blood vessel tone and elasticity as well as helping to regulate water-balance.

The remedy
. Ground ivy - mucous membrane tonic.
. Eyebright - mucous membrane tonic.
. Feverfew - migraine reliever.
. Rue - circulatory tonic.
Miss H was also prescribed buckwheat tablets and asked to keep a dietary diary, to encourage good eating habits. This remedy brought some improvement, reducing the number and severity of headaches, but Miss H continued to smoke and her diet was still very erratic. She had bought some vitamin supplement pills and continued to take herbal medicine as well as keep a diet diary.

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