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Migraine Relief

Sometimes over the counter herbal medicines are labeled with contra-indications. This is required by law in Germany. It means for example that you will be told if you shouldn't take the medicine if you are pregnant, taking another specific medication, have an allergy or a certain medical condition. This will become more common in Europe in the future. The advantages of using whole plant preparations Herbalists insist on using whole, unaltered products to guarantee the sort of benefits we claim for them.

We believe that plants would only have gained a historical reputation for certain effects if their constituents were robust enough to maintain the same effect wherever they were grown or whatever minor differences there might be between local plant populations. If only one variety in one particular year made someone feel better, its reputation would not have stood the test of time. The current trend, based on scientific research, is to standardize the process of growing, harvesting and storing herbs, so that their use is sustainable and patients get the best value from them.

Medical herbalists also recommend using whole, unaltered preparations, as nature presented them, so that each constituent is represented in its natural amounts. This is the type of preparation on which traditional knowledge is based. It is also useful to remember that patients vary much more than plants do!

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