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Migraine Help using Digestive Tonic


Digestive tonics for Help in Migraine

Digestive tonics work by stimulating digestive secretions in the mouth, stomach, pancreas and liver. Bitters are noted for their action on the liver, increasing bile flow, which emulsifies fats and transports excess from the bloodstream. Pungent herbs (hot spices) irritate linings which respond by increased secretion of digestive enzymes.

These break down starch, fat and protein as well as transporting essential vitamins and minerals across the gut wall into the blood circulation. Aromatic herbs stimulate the digestive tract in a similar way, though more gently, and they reduce bacterial fermentation which causes wind and colic.

They usually also contain bitters. The aromatic bitters are well known as part of the British cookery tradition, especially in association with meat dishes.

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