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What are the types of migraine?

  1. Classic migraine- Recurrent attacks of headache widely varied in intensity, frequency and duration. Headaches are preceded by sharply defined transient visual and other sensory or motor prodromes or both.
  2. Common migraine-Vascular headache without striking prodromes and less often unilateral than classic migraine and cluster headache.
  3. Nocturnal migraine- These attacks are related to changes in adrenalin and related substances that occur on a cyclical basis.
  4. Menstrual migraine- Menstrual migraine is mainly appear in the women. This migraine is affected at the time of menstrual periods.
  5. Hemiplegic migraine-Vascular headache characterized by motor phenomena which persists during and after the headache. This headache occurs in patients with a history of classic or common migraine
  6. Ophthalmoplegic migraine-Vascular headache caused by ocular phenomena which occur during and after the headache. It may lead to permanent neurological deficit.
  7. Basilar artery migraine- Basilar artery migraine is the circulation in back of the brain or neck. It is mostly occur in women.
  8. Benign exertional headache- Benign exertional headache is characterized by exertion.
  9. Status migrainosus- Status migraine is also called as sterile inflammation. Status migraine is a migraine attack that persists for more than 72 hours.
  10. Headache-free migraine-In this migraine patient do not suffer from headache.
  11. Abdominal migraine- Abdominal migraine is one of the variants of migraine headache. It is appear in children's. Abdominal migraine is caused by generic factors.
  12. Occular migraine- Ocular migraine as retinal migraine. There are repeated attacks of one-sided blind spots or blindness lasting less than an hour and associated with a headache.

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