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Foods triggering pain in migraines

Tyramine mediates the release of nor-adrenaline - a vasoconstrictory agent which can cause migraines and raise blood pressure. It is inactivated by an enzyme called monoamine oxydase (MAO). Blood platelets release less MAO after menopause, so some women suffer more migraines then. Some antidepressants prevent MAG from destroying tyramine, so they are to be avoided by migraine sufferers along with the foods which contain it.

Tyramine is contained in:
. cheese
. yeast
. beef
. beef and yeast extracts (Bovril, Marmite, Oxo)
. pickled herrings
. red wine.

Methylxanthines as Pain inducers in Migraine

Methylxanthines, including theophylline and caffeine, constrict cerebral blood vessels and dilate extra-cerebral vessels. This is why foods and drinks containing tritm can trigger migraines. Coffee is noted for increasing the pain of headaches, whereas tea contains other relaxant ingredients such as theobromine which balances theophyllene to some extent.
Methylxanthines are found in:
. coffee
. tea
. cocoa and ch0coline
. cola

Nicotine and Migraine Pain

Nicotine is a potent vaso-constrictor. Smoking is never to be recommended, but should be especially avoided by those who are prone to headaches.

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