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Using nutrition as a natural treatment to prevent migraines Naturally

There are many ways in which you can use diet to improve your resistance to stress, tiredness and infections, which are common causes of headaches. Here you can also find out about the most common trigger foods and how they initiate migraines. Understanding the basic principles of nutrition will help you to plan your week's eating and incorporate beneficial
foods into your diet.

Achieving a natural cure of migraine by balanced diet

The main aim of a healthy diet is to satisfy the need for energy, growth, repair and elimination.

Therapeutic diets cure for Migraine

A therapeutic diet is one that addresses the needs of people with a particular complaint, for example gluten free diets for coeliac disease, sugar-free diets for diabetes and so on. People who suffer from headaches and migraines should aim at a general healthy diet' with special attention to the following aims;
. High vitamin and mineral content for immune defenses
. Decreased saturated fats and increased essential fats for healthy mucous membranes

Daily nutritional requirements

In Britain research into food was started during World War II and was continued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries with help from the Medical Research Council. They produced guidelines on what people need to eat to keep them healthy and prevent deficiencies. These are called the minimum daily requirements and they cover the main nutrients needed by the human body. In America USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture) funds a similar program and its books are widely used in Britain.

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