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Headache and Migraine Remedy


When prescribing for headache and migraine a herbalist take into account all the factors which may contribute to the development of these conditions. These include

  • lifestyle,
  • diet and other areas of imbalance such as digestion or the hormonal system.

The herbalist then seeks herbs which treat the patient wholistically. Using herbs to treat migraines and headaches.

Herbal remedy for Migraine Headache

Herbal treatment is aimed at preventing rather than relieving pain. Herbs will be taken regularly for several months to effect a change in the pattern of blood vessel movement and achieve a better emotional balance.

The patient would be prescribed circulatory tonics, which improve blood flow and ease vaso-constriction.

Relaxants are used to reduce the stimulant effects of stress such as vaso-constriction.

Hormonal agents can correct imbalances which may precipitate migraines, while mucous membrane tonics and decongestants relieve congestion which may cause headaches.

Digestive tonics can reduce nausea and improve general energy levels which may affect the incidence of headaches and migraines.

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