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A concerned Mother


A concerned Mother - By Mariafelix Trevino

I am very worried about my son of 33 years.  I come from a cultural that this type of thing did not happen to us.

Well a while back just before my son was going to graduate from high school, he started to act different.  He did not want to go to school as soon as I dropped him off he would be calling to pick him up.  I thought it was because he was lazy.  He finally finished school.  Well, as the days went on he started staying in his room in the dark and didn't want to do anything.  I called the police once but they couldn't do anything.

My mother said that he was witch craft and needed to see a curandera (healer) so I took him to her, but it didn't help.  I had tried all sorts of things but thing.

Now my son is 33 years old he has been fairly well up until now.  My mother died of cancer and I am now a recovering cancer
patient. My son started getting real bad and I think that the cancer we had got to him.

Today, my son thinks he is dying of cancer. He is always in his room in the dark, we knock on the door to feed him or he will not come out.  His hair is getting long, doesn't shave and doesn't care how he looks. He often says he is going to die of liver cancer in a month. He says that the doctors a lying to him that there is nothing wrong with him.  I have taken him to several doctors and they all say that his blood test are normal.  He is convinced that they are lying to him because they don't want him to know that he is dying.

I am hispanic and in my cultural or my family anyone with this disorder is crazy.  I learned that it is an illness and that I wished I would have done something for him a long time ago.  I hope it is not to late.

I have taken him to the Mental institute to evaluated. He was given medication but he does not want to take it. I put it in his food thats the only way I know he has taken it. It is hard to take him to keep his appointments but I will keep trying.

God help all of you that have to go through this hard times.  I how that god is looking down at us and in a way that we don't know he tells us what to do.

God Bless and take care.

Mariafelix Trevino
A concerned Mother

Posted by Mariafelix : June 21, 2005

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