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Posted by Angelina : Jan 2, 2011

I have a friend that he was very sucessful but he lost everything after a depression. He was 5 years under a severe depression at home. Many times he was in a mental clinic. Now he is working part-time as a psicoterapeut but he has many personality problems. First he can manipulate a person easily, he can be happy, sweet but later he turns out to be angry and upset. He can say anything to anybody without taking into account their feelings. He always want to show you, how rich and sucessful he was and how much he knows about his profession but he never is interested to hear about your life, your problems. He says that he is in good health. A person who lies, who say anything to anybody, who is always sad and upset is not in good condition. I have a feeling between words that he always want to see your weak points and try to put you down. I like this friend very much but it is not easy to be next to him. I get exhausted, nervous and I cannot be myself. I am afraid I do something or I speak when I shouldn´t do it and he will get upset.

Posted by Angelina : Jan 2, 2011

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