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Posted by Ashley : Mar 1, 2011

When I was in yr 5 at primary school I started getting teased a lot. It made me feel down and scared. I always felt like that but always brushed it off like it didn't matter. When I got to yr 6 I started going to the school counsellor about my bullying. She told me some pretty pointless things about how to ignore people. By the end of yr 6 my friends and I started having more fights about games we played and it made me cry every time I got home. In yr 7 I was told i'm moving states and became sad that I was leaving my home town. My friends threw me a goodbye party before I left. When I moved I started going to a new school where people were pretty nasty to me but some people were nice. I just loved being home and staying in my room, being on facebook. I did that everyday. Yr 8 I moved schools and became friends with a lot of people. We had the biggest fight and it resulted in me cutting my wrists for the first time. My mum found out and told me to stop wanting attention and to grow up. So I stopped. A year later in yr 9 My friends and I had another fight resulting in me being kicked out of the group. I started sitting by myself and not talking to anyone. I had started cutting again with scissors. My ex friends found out and told the school nurse. She took away my scissors, so I found another pair. She took them away to and told me to see the counselor. She gave me a rubber band and told me if I felt like cutting I would fling it against my wrist. That didn't work. So when I visited my aunt, who was a nurse, I stole a surgical knife from her first aid kit and started cutting with that. My best friend from where I used to live found out and got really sad. But I kept doing it. I even tried to commit suicide twice. When she went away to america for 2 weeks I stopped. But I saw another counselor about it who got m to write poetry. I couldnt stop, it was keeping me occupied. When I moved back to my old town, I felt so happy. I couldn't wait to see my best friend again and go to the same school as her. I officially stopped cutting but i was left with the scars. In yr 10 I started liking a guy. One day I saw him and he had cuts up his arms and I just felt so bad and was depressed for the whole day. Me and him are good friends. But my story is me. I still have depression and have for years. I just dont know how to get rid of it, or tell my mum so she can help me.

Posted by Ashley : Mar 1, 2011

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