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Posted by Jenny : Jan 9, 2011

Ive just got out of bed after 8 days. My depression started when I got a job promotionand my usually loving partner became extremely violent. Spitting on me continuosly in an act of violence calling me a dirty little nothing and on occassion hitting me face first off walls. Then my nan died in July after we had had words. We were very close this was the only argument we had in my 24 years of life. Then evil boyfriend stops the violence. Then he left me in november. I lost my job in july when I lost my nan. Nans ashes have been at the crematorium for 6 months as my aunty is a head case who wont have them released and legally she is the only one who can do so. I went to a new years eve part where I witnessed my friend being severely beaten by three men in an unprovoked and prolonged attack where chairs etc were used. Ive just had enough. My pain is immeasurable. I have previously thought that life is a test of character. But with all these evil people about. Who the fuck has the right to test my character. Im isolated. Im poor. Im angry. I cant believe I let that evil excuse for a man treat me how he did to then walk away from me. Had my life previously been a barrell of laughs I may have some hope. But its been a complete disaster fighting psychotic illness and getting in all kinds of trouble. I had a palm reading that had forseen what happened with my ex. The reader told me I would meet someone that would change my life. This is what keeps me breathing and stops my heart exploding. Pain is a sedative eh?

Posted by Jenny : Jan 9, 2011

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