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By Raven
17 Years Old

Well I'm only 17 now but I would like to share the real cure for depression. At least for me.

Depression runs in my family. My grandmother committed suicide and so did her mother. But I think that the fact that my father died when I was young was definitely a booster for it. Just growing up with out a dad is an opportunity for depression to walk in.  Well, in sixth grade, I began to tell friends I wanted to commit suicide. That was my first warning. It's more like a cry for help.

Things only got worse when I went to High School. My mom made me transfer to a new school and I didn't have any friends there. I would sit alone at lunch and write in my journal. I was too terrified to go and sit at someone's seat at lunch. Looking like a loser. Even though I knew I was.

I always knew I had depression. My mother and I went close so I knew I couldn't tell her. She wouldn't understand. But things were getting so bad. I began to cut my self at home. It became an everyday ritual. I wanted help. I wanted all the pain inside to stop.  I kept convincing my self it would be better to tell her. So I got the guts to do it. I said to her "I think I have depression." She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "Who told you that?" She didn't believe me. I was so angry inside.

The depression kept getting worse and worse. There was nothing I could do about it. I wanted to stop hurting and rotting inside. So I made my own appointment to the doctor and a friend drove me. I needed help. I was desperate. She recommended me to a psychiatrist and so I was forced to tell my mom. So I had a friend do it for me. Embarrassing right? I went and got some help. I was trying different mediations and nothing worked! I was getting so depressed that I attempted suicide. I was put in a hospital and forced to do group therapy with teens and their parents. It didn't help. Nothing helped.

Later that year I went to a youth conference for Christians. I always thought I was a Christian but inside I faked it.  But this conference spoke to me! I turned all the way to God. I always ask him to take away the depression and to help me be strong. He did. I still do have struggles but with him I handle them. I have no medication, but some occasional Christian therapy. I feel so great! I finally found the answer! And so have you!

Posted by Raven : June 22, 2005

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