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Nobody cares and why should they


Posted by alice : Feb 29, 2012

In India half the people can't get food and shelter...basic necessities of life .if you catch my drift.
Being an Indian girl who have got a loving family and a great chance at education and despite that she wants to die
is baffling .
Anybody would say to her what's wrong with you and please everybody suffers n you don't even have a real problem.So stop this stupid stuff and get your act together ...you lazy girl.

Is she lazy? or is she depressed
not being able to get up in morning.
feeling always what's the point.
devising a way to disappear...living a lie
nobody would miss you...life goes on
your parents would just feel broken hearted
so I am not dying because this damn society can't seem to understand that a girl would want to just die...even with the most amazing parents.
Or maybe they are right I don't want to die because of my loving family...if they would have been cruel then leaving them would not have been so damn hard.

Even she screams what the hell!!!
What's wrong with me,
She turns to god for help,why i don't want to exist.

She looks at people who don't feel this way,
who are living the life with energy and fortitude

sometimes jealous and sometimes pathetic to those bright and shiny energetic go-getters

I won't do it ...
but somewhere i feel like I am bidding my time to just get away from here.

I just know to run away...far away

Posted by alice : Feb 29, 2012

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