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I have no more guts to face my parents


Posted by Pooja Sharma : 11/7/11

Iam 15 I and my frds bunked our school exhibition for two days with few boyz it was the ever beautiful moment of my life that i won't forget and neither my frds too.On the first day we bunked and went to marina park ,gandhi park, ross island,pizza corner,silver spring,carbin.I my frds Raveena ,U.Pooja and including few boys Ankit,Pallove,Farah,Yasheek all were enjoying in the car Yasheek was driving that even illegally without license it was a killer drive AC on music at full volume pepsi all sorts of enjoyement was there we went to citizen colony and stayed at Ankit's house for a while then again went for along drive after having fun we came back at 3pm then our parents came to pick up us next day we guys planned again to bunk but we were not aware that a gr8 disaster would take place when my frds parents caught us while we were coming back that day we went to wandoor carbin rose valley and roamed in the jungle for 1 hour it was unbelievable experience ,chidiyatapu climbed the mountains etc but when we came back our enjoyment changed into a big problem i know we all committed a very big mistake but its its seriously a big issue thats what i said that when there parents caught all of us we were called to te principal's room and now i broke the trust of my parents and right now i have no guts to face my parents i don't wanna my parents to know all he truth coz of this i went to depression infact i even got anxiety attack and got faint now i am still worried pls frd and who ever read this pray that i must get escape frm this issue coz i am feeling that i should commit suicide i have no idea what to do pls help me pray for me coz iam feeling regret for what i did and pls suggest me what to do .

Posted by Pooja Sharma : 11/7/11

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