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Systemic Lupus Erythematosis - The Will to Survive
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By Karen
38 Years Old

Systemic Lupus Erythematosis. I was diagnosed when I was 16. Lupus is the latin word for "Wolf". A butterfly rash about the face. My mother thought it was poison Ivy from rolling around the bushes with the boy's. After about 6 month's, I started to feel worse, run down, no energy and very sick. My mother took me to the hospital and they ran some blood test's and it came back as Lupus. If you catch it early, you can prevent it from going to the organ's. My mother keep's blaming herself. There's two kind's of Lupus, Discoid, which people can live with, and mine, Systemic, which attacks all the major organ's, including the central nervous system.

When I was diagnosed, they told me that I had about 6 month's. WRONG! I refused to subcumb to this illness. I had to endure several painful surgeries to correct Lupus(es) life threating medical need's. Having holes drilled in my hips to promote blood flow so the bones wouldn't die. Implant surgeries in my eye's due to catorax. They can no longer get blood from my arm's because the vanes keep popping and I'm black and blue all over from past stick's. I had to have a " Port " put in my upper chest so they can take blood and give medication or kemo.The needle is a little bigger than a safety pin. I have to take 30 pills a day just to stay alive. Some people make bad choices by overdosing, and in my painful situation, if I "don't" take my pill's, I will die! I struggle each day to take my pill's because after 22 years of taking medication, my throat and stomache wants to keep rejecting the pill's. When I throw up, my potassium drops and I have to go in the hospital to recive potassium through an IV. That feels like bleach going through your vane's! The last hospital vist my potassium dropped to a 2.2, which anything below a 2.0, you go into cardiac arrest. It was a very close call. The average life span of a person with my present illness is "15" Years. If it wasn't for my "WILL TO SURVIVE and the STRENGTH TO OVERCOME, I wouldn't be here today!! When I hurt, I get mad, and I fight harder! God will only give us nothing more then we can handle. My kidney's are at a level 4. The next step is a kidney(s) transplant. I am not ready to give in! I can but will not let it choose my final destiny!!!!!

My prayer's to those people who suffer like me, FIGHT!!!!!!! And to the P.E.T.A. Foundation.

Posted by Karen : Jan 24, 200

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