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How Schutzhund Saved Me


Posted by Kaitlyn : Apr 27, 2011

Last year, I was suffering from depression. I lost interest in things, I shut myself away from others, I had low self confidence, and was very stressed from threats to my favorite animal, the wolf. My mom took me to a therapist, which helped reduce the sadness, but didn't help with my self confidence in my appearances.

Earlier this year, I had to write a report for Honors English, and I was able to choose my subject. I chose a sport called Schutzhund. My aunt and uncle are familiar with the sport, so I asked them if I ever needed help. Eventually, I got to the point where I was having difficulty finishing the paper, so my uncle put me in scratch pants and put a bite sleeve on my arm and brought his German Shepherd dog, Zeus, out. Zeus did a simple bark & hold, so he just sat in front of me and barked. He waited until I moved my arm, then he gripped the sleeve. Believe it or not, but this experience made me happy and gave me some confidence.

Recently I got to do the escape, which is an attempt to run from the dog but they catch the decoy, with two of my uncle's dogs. This experience has given me more confidence within myself, and I don't care about what other students think of me anymore.

I'm 17, and happy to say that Schutzhund is the key that allows me to be confident and comfortable with myself.

Posted byKaitlyn : Apr 27, 2011

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