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My family was a happy family, sure we had our little problems but since we had God in between our problems would always be "good" problems so everyone in my family lived happy, except for me..im eighteen and not to long ago i had depression..the worse part was that no one in my family believed or knew about it so i had to deal with all myself.you see my boyfriend killed himself so that was basically the reason why i was just another girl with depression..so instead of looking for help with people i looked for help in a sharp knife..i began to cut myself thinking"im worthless" not to make it long i suffered with all that alot for over three months. I had never payed attention to God so thats why i never knew the "true" meaning about him, giving peace and happiness to those who need it, so i decided to think right and change so i gaved him a chance, give me one too..sure it was hard to overcome depression but it was worth, now im helping teens my age to overcome it too with God in their heart.

Posted By Arely Garza, Jan 23 , 2011


Posted By tiana, Apr 9, 2011

Well, I guess you could say I had a very happy childhood. I was very energetic and wild. I'd go to the beach every weekend with my family to have fun. But all great things come to an end, don't they?It all started in 7th grade. I can't remember everything that happened except for the main parts.People would always talk about me behind my back, some of them were my friends.I was so angry and also hurt but my best friends didn't know that.I didn't want to burden them with my problems but I knew that they would be worried for me.Throughout the whole year and 8th grade,too, rumors would spread so quickly around the school.My friends and I always hangout by this tree at school.No one bothered us.But because I am very observant I kept my eyes on our surroundings because wewere never truly alone.Nothing ever got to the point of violence when it came to our enemies and us but that was what either side would have wanted.When it came to the start of high school,that's where all the drama and hatred was expressed openly.I started hanging out with this girl that was in all my classes.She was like an older sis to me and I was her little sis.We would hang out together like 24/7 and I felt so guilty for ditching my best friends but I didn't want Marz to hate me or anything.By being with her most of the time,I lost one of my best friends,became hated by more people,and got arrested.I never really recovered from that yet and I'm not sure if I ever will.I was just so gullible.To me,there was no point in living anymore.The craziest thing is that the next day we wen t back to school,she acted as if nothing happned.And she just had to tell people what happend.Guilt took over me and I knew that nothing could ever be done to fix what had already been done.I felt like I was being used but I couldn't bbreak myself away from her.My friends asked me if I was okay,they still do,and my answer would always be 'I'm fine' but I wasn't.When school ended and summer came,different scenarios of what would have happened this school year,10th grade,stayed and had never left my mind.My 2nd best friend stopped talking to me for a while,too.That's when I believed I was alone.But it was very much shocking when school started again and they called my name and said hi.I was going to cry.They didn't hate me nor blamed me for what happened even though I figured it was.My other best friend forgave me and told me she was just hearing lies told to her about what Marz wanted her to hear.We cut off all ties to her an moved on,yet somehow she's become friends again to some of us.Victoria..she's the one who knows exactly how I feel and even though I trust her with making this decision I stil and never will trust Marz.Victoria is also the other person who was arrested with me.Even though Marz was with us,she never got arreseted.I will never forget what happened two years ago...I just can't...Each day I always ask myself if anyone cares if I died?I keep reliving those memories and I don't know what to do.I have my best friends,but not all knows how I really feel on the inside...


Posted By Megan Lovatt, Apr 16, 2011

It all started when i was 13, i got my first boyfriend and it was great, then my mum got sick and is slowly getting worse, i split up with my boyfriend coz all my time was spent looking after my little sister and brother, then my mum became so bad sometimes she couldnt even walk downstairs, i started drifting from my friends and became obsessed with knives and fire, i joined a social network and met a girl named jasmine, she made me feel wanted...like i wasnt on my own anymore, then she cheated and i crumbled into nothing, i slashed my leg up and broke most of the stuff in my bedroom, it was getting too much, i prayed everynight that i wouldnt wake up the next morning but i did then my older brother came to my house, and i met his friend nathan, love at first sight, ha! how stupid of me i got so attached to him that when he left the house i started crying... then i had a reccuring nightmare about him beating me, we split up and now everywhere i look there are people in love and i feel so alone. i just want to be loved...


Posted By Brittany 14 Years Old, Jan 10, 2005

well...im 14 and idk...latley i feel so empty...i feel fat, and ugly. and my bff doesnt want to hang w/ me anymore..like she has ditched me...and i wonder why...i wish she would like me agian. and i feel like i weill never get a boyfriend...and like idk..all of asuddenidk...im like rambling right now... like i use to go to a litte skewl and then i am now at a public skewl..and it was soo hard cause i didnt know anyone and i felt like a looner and the one person i knew...my bff was like ignoring me..so ya that sucked..and like la8ly i have been crying for hours...praying to god for him to kill me to take me! i like dont want to get up..i dont want tommarow to come or anyday...i just want to die...i dont want to c my future or love someone...i have thought bout scuicide tons of times..but i mean...doing scuicide is a sin so if i do that ..i just go to hell and that would b pointlss...so i got into cutting a lot on my hip cause  i had it on my arm but i have scares and ppl ask bout it... and it sucks..i just feel so empty inside and want to die!!! i dont want to live anymore! ihave no friends! no one would care if i die! i just....dont want to b here anymore...im ugly and fat and i hate it! i wrote some poems bout how ihave been feeling....

i feel so dead
like a pile of lead
i feel so empty inside
all i want to do is hide
i want to pick up my pace
and leave this place
i want to walk out this door
and cry no more
i cant take the leed
all i do is bleed
i want to stop this pain
before i turn insane
i dont want to cut
but im turning to a nut
i always feel bad
and always so sad
i dont want to be here
and death is so near
i want to cry
and say goodbye

and i have another one bout cutting...

i have no life
so i take a knife
i know it is a sin
but i put it to my skin
i push down and hard
as red from a card
comes pouring out
but i dont pout
i hear the steps creak
as my mom comes to seek
i quickly grab a rag
and throw the knife in a bag
my mom is near the door
as blood keeps coming from the sore
she stops and knocks
as i wish the door had locks
she asks if im okay
but i panick and dont know wa to say
she tunrs the doorknob
as i start to sob

l8ly i have stopped cutting...i mean i really want to...but i cant..and i mean...i dont want to have depression...i tell my mom but she just said it is cause of my period...so...idk if i can take anything to help...i havnt really wanted to hang out w. anyone or anything. im hate skewl and dread everyday...i want to cry everyday and want to lose weight! im so fat! i weigh 110 or 109 but i look so fat and mambye i should just stop eating and die like that.

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babe everything will be ok soon. stop cutting and start eating. my girlfriend sounds exactely like this and i have made her stop an now she is doing ok...she started cutting again but i cant do anything for her at the moment. stick in there - jorja

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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