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Life-Long Despair


Posted by Haley M: Sep 21 2011

I've been dealing with this pain since I was 5 and entered school, I started to notice that when people ignore you it's because they don't like you, my friend of 9 yrs is supposed to help me with this but she does nothing. I feel so helpless, people say to talk about it but nobody ever listens to what I have to say, I'm a very emotional person and constantly hate on myself, shrinks don't help my dad doesn't either and I wish my mom was here :( she died when I was 9 and te only one to tell me I was special. I'm 13 now and heading into high school while being seperated from the only friends I have. Life truly sucks, I've destroyed myself inside and out and I feel like there is no cure! Can anyone help? I have lost all hope. Even if the pain ceases, without it I don't know who I am...... :(

Posted by Haley M: Sep 21 2011

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