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Depression for years


Posted by Linda : 10/31/11

I have been going through depression for about 17 years. I'm now 35 years old and almost everyday I wake up feeling down and sad. The days where I can wake up and feel okay are extremely few and sparse. Most of the time I'm moody, feeling unmotivated and sad. My sad feeling can stem from no particular thoughts but its a feeling that I've gotten so use to. It's there all the time like a 'best friend'. I've tried to be happy but it never last. Happiness is something I cannot relate to. I've not known how it feels like to be happy. But when I'm sad, I can feel the utmost bottom pit. It's just a sad state to be in all the time. I have been jobless for 7 years, because I find it extremely difficult to concentrate on tasks, and most of the time, I'm motivated to wake up in the mornings, hence I'm unable to keep up a working schedule. I can laze around whole day for months and years ...doing nothing but eat, watch tv, listening to sad melancholic songs, feeling empty and sleep. In fact right now, I have to stop this story halfway because I'm feeling too down to continue

Posted by Linda : 10/31/11

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