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Posted by Brittany : Apr 21, 2011

Im going to start off by saying.. I think in life we all face a lot of hardships and lose a lot pf ppl thatwe love and become very close to.. well im going to share what i've gone through so far. I had a great younger childhood i lived with me father. He was a great father and took care of me and my sisters very well but he also was very protective but i see why today and thank him...

Well unfortunately I lost my father six yrs ago and it was very tragic for me because i lost him in my arms.. It was very hard for me the first yr i isolated myself barely talkedd anyone or ate.. I felt lost and helpless well i started to write sucidal notes and wanted to act on them.. I told my ma right away so that i could go and get the help i needed ASAP. When i went into the hospital i got diagnosed with depression and they put me on medication. But after that experience i leatned that in life your gonna lose one's you love but the beauty is that they will always be in your heart and be standing beside you. One day i will see my father again and when i do i know that he will be very proud of me. I will do evverything in my power to keep myself going and i still have my mom and sisters.. I love them with all of me and will cherish them until i die. I've wanted to give up so much in my time so far since my dad passed but i know that i will never be weak enough to do that. Im to strond and intelligent to just throw my life and all my dreams away. Giving up isn't the answer just look within your heart and you will find the faith and college to just keep yourself going and never give up. I personallly believe in everyone and whoever reads this that goes for you to. Thanks for letting me share this i want people to see that i know the diagnos's of depression and yes it sucks. But you will always eventually be able to find the faith and courage:) Just do your best to find it

Posted Brittany : Apr 21, 2011

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