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2nd Birth


Posted by Kaushik jogia :12/4/10

Hi all.
I am Kaushik jogia From Bangalore. I was bless that i got this depression and that made me strong and came to know the purpose of my birth.I was 32 year when i was trap with this negative thoughts.I was too busy chasing lust greed desire.The thought of Death that i am going to die of attack this was too deep root with in, the body lost it weight blackish thing form below the eye,i was afride even to talk with my client,any one saw me ask me whats wrong with you.This brought the deep fear with in and every 2 hrs i go to check the body weight.And then the psychiactrist came in,he prescribe me ZAPIZ every month i have to visit him tell the whole thing wht happen and he listen to all the crap,and tells pls continue with the same,this circus went on for about a 18 months.I was totally in a pool of mess wher the life become hard.Then the change took place.First book i got was AUTO BIO GRAPHY OF YOGI.It was easy for me to custom with the VEG food since i am a vegi.I started getting the confidence after doing yoga. Then the major turn came after 7 months . The Talk with sri Ramana Maharshi. This book changed the whole out look of life and the apporach towords the objects.From then on i never look back. The greatest sad part of my life came just before 2 years when we lost our only son who was 3 years in a car crash,and i have to see all in front of my naked eye our son going away. This too was over come its only the GRACE....

Posted by Kaushik jogia :12/4/10

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