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Wounds of my heart


Posted by Syed Mazhar Imam : 10/24/11

I am a 15 year old guy and a total wreck.I have been for as long as I remember.
It started in kindergarten where I was stripped naked and was made to run all about my school without clothes with all the kids laughing cause I had dirtied my pants and even though they had a set of spare clothes the ppl at skool did'nt give me any. In 1st grade,I had a fracture and my teacher brought down a scale on the affected area...hard,it was a terrible year and the following year my teacher used to say all bad things 2 me except swear words.Years following that uptil seventh grade,I was always bullied and made fun of until the time I took up taekwondo.But instead of fighting me like they used to,ppl at skool began to insult me and make fun behind my back.Now I am in love with this girl in my class,but she has no feelings for me at all,she just does'nt care.I 'm losing hope out here just tearing out chunks of my heart and giving them to ppl i love,but they just throw it away and give me stones in return but i still carry those stones putting them on the wounds of my heart because they came from ppl i love.I just hope no one has ever had or will have a life so miserable and lonely as mine...

Posted by Syed Mazhar Imam : 10/24/11

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