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I dont know am 17


Posted by Ilcs : 11/5/11

dont know where to start i feel really bad its every day i feel like this i just want to kill my self but cant. i have so much stress on me that i cant handle. i feel this emptyness in me like i have no one not even parents or family members. when i am alone i tend to cry alot feel very angry thati cant just kill my self. each day i go to school i feel like no one likes me. i use to have a good social life but i moved a lot. then their is this girl at school who i like more then anything but she has a boyfriend this girl has at least been in one of my classes the last for years and she knows i like her but i dont think she knows how i truly feel about her. its really painful knowing i will never be able to go out with her. each friday am home at night and i just think about what she is doing. going to school and having no friends is the worst feeling ever every one talking to each other like they are best friends. i also failed all my classes last year i was a 10 th grader. i still have not told my parents and i just keeping thinking about what my dad will think of me. their is more i just dont know i hate my life so bad

Posted by Ilcs : 11/5/11

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