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love hurts - girlfriend broke up with me because I\'m 11 years older then her


Posted by Erick : June 15, 2011

my life is certainly a mess right now! 2 years ago, I went though a divorce, after being married for 3 years, ... I went through a huge depression.. and after a year and a half.. i decided to move on and open my heart again.. I met this nice girl, beautiful personality, funny, everything I had ever wanted... the only detail was that I'm 31 years old, and she's 20, so at the beggining i was like... no way.. this can't really happen.... but as we began to get to know eachother more... and talked a lot. she said that wasnt a big deal for her... we started dating... it was awesome i even saw her as my future wife... we talked about it.. it was awesome... but after dating for 8 months.. last month out of nowhere she decided that she just wanted to be friends... and see what happens latter... 2 weeks ago,... she decided that we dont really have a future together.. because she's not ready for a formal relationship.. since I'm 31 that means that I'll be wanting to get married maybe in the next 4 years or sooner... and she says... she's not really ready for that...

so now I'm heart broken.. I feel all messed up.. she wants to me my friend.. but not see eachother that much... just text eachother...
and I really love her..

Posted by Erick :June 15, 2011

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