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Posted by lee: Sep 21 2011

It stared in 5th grade all the sadness creept up on me all the time.i would out on a fake front and smile.Everyone thought ohh she has a great life and she has nothing wrong...But that wasnt the case.I have an older sister and my parents are together.One summer my mom dad and i went camping and my sister satayed home cause she couldnt get work off.we were on our way from the camping trip and my mom called her and told her we would b home soon.we got home and went in the house there was a letter on the table that said MOM my mom read it and started too cry my and my dad read it together and i was shoched my sister was gone.she left and said she wasnt comming back because she didnt feel loved.for the next few days my mom cryed nonstop and was sad.i put on a happy face but was sad i wold cry my self too slep at night and thats wen it happend i started cutting.eventually my sister came back and everything went normal again.but then awhile later my sister was gone again my parents fought well abby was gone and my dad thought my mom was going too leave.i kept cutting.6th grade came around and i started to get happy again my family was good and all was well.then friends were hurt and i started too get sad again i told noone about my cutting and depression i just did it too feel better.

then 7th grade came my parents fought once in awhile.i was happy for the most part.I had figured out i was Bi and couldnt tell my family because i was scared of them hating me.My girlfriend Sarah and i were doing great till she brike up with my for one of my best guy friends.i was a messi cryed alot and cut even more. i finally found a friend tootwlk to her name was katie and she helped but not enough.8th grade came and i satred to burn and cut.i would get meatal hot enough to burn.it made me feel incontrol of my feelings.i knew it wasnt right but my sister had moved out again and things were not good i was sad so i did the one thing i could to be happy.i told a friend of mine ivy and she was my help.she helped m get over my sadness we would talk and it helped.that was back in december of 2011.im Now 14 going to be a freshman and have been not cutting or burning for 5 monthes.it gets better...i promise =)

Posted by lee: Sep 21 2011

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