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How to stay positive?


How to stay positive?
40 Years Old

I had depression and it took me just a few weeks to have it go away. The following is what i did to make it go away.

  1. I followed the same routine everyday
  2. I took one hour to relax and read about the diffeent treatments on depressionon on the web.
  3. I took a lot of time for myself to relax and think about nothing. I relaxed my mind.
  4. I did not pressure myself to do anything major for at least 3 weeks.
  5. I excercised daily by walking on the treadmill, the same time everyday.
  6. I took time to nurture myself and stated this time is for me, i deserve it and i need this time to heal.
  7. I ate a diet with lots of vegetables and took vitamins especially folic acid. People who are depressed sometimes lack folic acid.
  8. I went to bed by 10 pm and got a good night sleep.
  9. I had a support person i could talk to when i needed about how i was feeling.

In 3 weeks my depression went away and it hasen't been back since.

I hope my information has been helpful. Remember to take good care of yourself and follow a routine and nurture needs your needs first. Also visit a dr if you feel you could use medicine or therapy.
Good luck!!!

Posted by DEBBIE : July 28, 2005

My experienced
By april banlawi
38 Years Old

i had an experiance about postpartum syndrome it was hard experiance in my life,
its like i have matally ill,i am very hopeless at that time. im thinking full of negatism,and i was afriad that came from my toughts that i would want to kill my baby,i feel nervous
im chilling , i cried a lot ,i ask god why & what happening to me. ireally dont understand, with feeling and my toughts.
i was so helpless.i prayed a lot,
i talke to my love ones all my feeling. thats the time i recieve jesus christ as my Lord & saviour,i  have been survive ,
gradually the postum was gone.

it was very experianced ,

i have 3 children ,once i gave birth to all my kids ive experiance that the postpartum syndrome.

thank god i will recover all the hardship. & all my children are grown up.

Posted by april banlawi : July 19, 2005

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