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My Depressed Life by Elizabeth


Posted by Elizabeth : 08/06/2017

So basically I'm 13. I was born in Spain 12 September, 2003. I lived in Spain til I was 3 with my brother, Tom (he is 3 years older), mum, dad and my grandparents. When we moved to England it was the first time I'd been there but my whole family were born there. I lived in England with my family for a further 8 years, until we moved to Spain again when I was 11. I hated it because i had to be in a run down local Spanish School while my brother got to go to a posh English School. During the 2 years we have been here, my mum and dad had been travelling back and forth to England for business reasons. And i barely saw them.

Both birthdays and Christmas i wouldn't receive anything from anyone and my brother would receive luxuries like; money, electronics, confectioneries, clothes and lots of other cool things. Ever since i have been at the local school i have been bullied by everyone because they see me as the weird, ugly, fat English girl who's parents don't care about. I heard that alot and I started saying that myself and it got stuck in my mind and it tortured me all the time, it still does, because I don't have any friends or family around who i can talk to. So I now have depression, anxiety, bipolar, DID, I self harm, I'm anorexic and I have tried to commit suicide twice. So yeah, my life is messed up.

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