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Posted by jennifer shofner : Apr 15, 2011

well it all started about 2 years ago my life was going great until that horrible day i will tell u about it. i was in 8th grade and i kept having this feeling that something bad was going to happen when i got home and i told my friend megan and she said u are gonna be fine u are going to go home and everything is going to be fine so i thought ok. so that same afternoon i went home and my grandma and my uncle was there and i walked in the house and my dad was sitting there and he said go sit in there with your grandma i have to tell u something so i said ok and went and sat with my grandma and about that time he came in and told me that your mom left about three 0 clock this morning and she sent me a text saying tell the girls i love them and that i am not comeing back i was crushed i went and stayed the night at my grandmas house that night and cried myself to sleep.now i am in counseling and i am on medication for depression and i also used to be a cutter i tried to commit suicide a couple of times but never succeded i let depression take over my life dont let it do that to you now my life is back to normal i live with my dad have a wonderful stepmom and have the bestest friends and i have the best boyfriend i could ever ask for he helps me through anything but as i said i let depression take over my life dont let it happen to u you can get through it you just have to belive in yourself well thats my story i have a facebook if you want you can add me my name is jennifer shofner add me on facebook!!!!!! thank u for reading my story i really appreciate it.

Posted jennifer shofner : Apr 15, 2011

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