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The Story of Wendy Williams in her own words


Wendy Williams is a Olympic medalist in Diving championships. She has struggled with depressionall through her teens and early adulthood. Here are some of her thoughts on living with depression:

Even well before I thought about depression, it was there to haunt me. I started feeling somewhat depressed in the age of 12 or 13 years. But the time, I was 14, I moved to California from St Louis. This bought in lot of loneliness, confusion and sadness. I started eating and slowly binging/purging. Then I started therapy which helped me gain some recovery and the eating disrder faded away. Still my early twenties and teenage years were generally sad. The best way to describe it was that I constantly had a black cloud filled by filthy rain over me. I was very withdrawn. I had a lot of social anxiety – always afraid of people not liking me.

Sllwly I started wearing wore a mask in the form of a smile - most of the time. People simply decided that that I was moody. After all these years of suffering, I am now sure that a lot of my problems had to do with not being able to vent out and express any of my anger.

I started the diving practice at early age and it really helped me at an early age. I had plenty of structure in my life because of being an elite player. I always had practice the next day and there were people counting on me. it helped me in keeping my focus. I was training for about 6-8 hours every day – lifting weights, aerobics, two pool workouts, a trampoline, diving board with a harness and ropes and a crash mat.

Now I think that if I did not had sports to rely on I might have killed myself. I had many thoughts of suicide. But the training and the goals were worth waking up for each day. I was going to compete in Australia, or I was going to the Olympics in Korea, that was my distraction from my sadness. I continue having therapy perform yoga, gardening, walking the dog and swimming.

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